Inferno Rising

Who brainwashed you?

Who told you you’re depressed?

Ain’t nothing wrong with you.

You just can’t handle life.

You’re weak.

You want a copout for life.

It’s filled with disappointment,

Deal with it.

You’re just like her,

always needing an excuse.

I didn’t mold you this way,

Look at what I’ve been through.

You didn’t see me taking meds.

I can’t believe you,

You’re no better than others.

What do you need pills for?

I taught you control

Over your thought and emotions.

Along with not giving up.

Get out of my face,

I don’t wanna look at you.

You’re a failure to me.

You have betrayed me,

By running to everybody else.

Your mind is weak.

You are out of control.

I taught you to be strong.

You’re just like her,

You just want to be that.

A typical woman.

You’re a disgrace to me.

–by Maria Mocha © 2007

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