I’m Just Tired

As my tears gush down,

I have no more left in me.

I am tired of your antics.

I’m tired of my misery

Because of your reluctance,

Your anger, your conscious

You carry towards me because

In your eyes, I’m to be destroyed.

I have bawled and crawled.

I thought I could change things.

I wished it would be better, that

Everything could be different.

But you, you knew the harsh truth

of how ruthless and possessive

you are and expecting me to obey

your every move, desire, demand.

I am tired.

I am so tired.

I’m suffering because of you and me,

I’ve been dragged through the lava,

The tornadoes and hurricanes came

Brushing me away, around and down.

This world is a cold and heartless site

And no one represents this better

Than you, your psyche, your conscious

under the guise of family, friend or mate.

I am tired.

I am so tired.

I’m not bending to your will

Anymore, ever again, not even.

You are what you are and I must

Accept this and go on and move on.

I can’t stand you, I hate you, go away.

Didn’t hear me before, I’ll say them again.

Get the fuck away from me motherfucker!

Go to hell, Go fuck yourself, leave me alone!

I am tired of being tired of being tired.

–Maria Mocha © 2006

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