Hag Time

A torn and wrinkled bubble gum wrapper

Reminds me of a sad, gripping reality,

the reality that I’m a piece of bubble gum

chewed up, enjoyed and spit back out.

Heaven knows it is my sole purpose

to bear children and worship Adam,

Honoring his godlike aura and existence

as his life is more important than mine.

He unwraps my dignity and femininity

scoffing at my meager attempts to protest,

I’m forced to prostrate and bow to him

while he masticates and tears up my spirit. 

Years of serving as his personal human toy

have aged me quicker than melted snow,

Adam disrespects and dismisses me as a hag

deserving no biological means of breeding. 

He bestowed me as a useless, filthy prize

In exchange for a younger concubine to be,

He told me I am banished from humanity

because I am done performing my duties.

As a woman.

As a mother.

Now I’m just a hag,

Nothing, ugly and worthless. 

–by Maria Mocha © 2006

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