I’ve Seen Too Much

I have seen too much,

In this wicked lifetime.

The invisible slithering knife

Held in a mother’s hand

As she charms her child

With twisted love and care.

The brutal manipulation

Of a father’s mighty hand

As he disguises his domination

Under a veil of family love.

The true way humans operate

Is swirled with complication.

I can never forget my truth,

I have learned this lesson.

People around the world

Are similar inside and out.

They want to love and exist

Along with controlling others.

Humans erase history often

To cover their tracks of evil.

Gender inequality and control

Never goes out of fashion.

Each race fights other races

For ultimate world supremacy.

This wicked lifetime is messy

Some humans refuse to change.

I’ve seen too much in this world.

I stand by my convictions.

Nothing is ever perfect.

Exist with a questioning mind.

Keep your eyes wide open

And don’t have blind loyalty.

I’ve seen too much and I can

Never unsee what I have seen.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020

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