Reincarnated Soul

I don’t belong here,

in this modern society.

I am not just an old soul,

I am a reincarnated one.

I refuse to watch television.

I don’t want social media.

I don’t need much company.

I like to be left alone.

I stay with myself

with my own thoughts,

while I read my newspaper.

I am not comforted now,

In today’s fast world

with all the electronics

and digital media

all over the place.

I like my peace.

I like my quiet.

I like my own thoughts.

I transport myself

Back to ancient times,

and choose to remain

in this realm most

of my current living

time here on Earth.

Just let me be,

I am fine how I am.

I am an old soul

reincarnated not fit

for this modern life.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020

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