Vivid Intersectional Dreaming

random life images twined and mishmashed

elicit mighty subconscious movement

you appear in the Falls by surprise

many people crowded that avenue

lined up in the corridor of the apartment

a bustling place with construction on

the road, you come, we briefly speak,

you disappear to another apartment

I join you at it later, discovering another

cubby hole container space existing there.

Xinsong Lu is juxtaposed with a bus

transporting me in the wrong direction

instead of downtown, it’s headed to Whitehall

skipping onto Xinsong Lu I find Starbucks

the rest of the block is dark, then light arose

suddenly folks and kids with dogs appear

a dama kicks a dog out of her sight

a brown skinned boy rides two puppies

in a red wagon on this road with a dog

pen and a real road, all sharing space.

My world intertwines within my dreams

life is threaded together by continents

smooshed together in scenery and layout

mapped in unconscious and a subconscious

overtly thinking and active creative writer brain.

–by Maria Mocha© 2023


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