Earth’s Mule

I’m not here to be Earth’s human mule.

I am a woman. I come here to bring value to the world, outside of traditional female or womanly roles.

Women get confined into the roles of motherhood, caretakers, cookers, nurturers even if they don’t want or don’t fit these roles.

Look at me. I am not here to breed. I was not meant to be someone’s biological mother.

I was the first woman on Earth. I am Eve.

I won’t fall for your game anymore. My sole worth is not intersected in cleaning up after you and being the backbone for you.

You can’t abuse me, misuse me, strangle me, beat me anymore.

I’ve paid my dues in slashed blood and flesh over millennia. No more.

It is a new day.

I am a human being first and foremost, not only just a woman.

I bring sustenance, creativity livelihood, etc. to this world.

I’m not this planet’s mule. Don’t you ever forget that.

–by Maria Mocha © 2022

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