Gut Talk

Did you really think you could run

away from me my sensitive dear?

you know you can’t ignore me.

You pretend to be ok.

You rationalize each situation.

You think of the bright side.

You resolve to push on.

You are strong.

You are a survivor.

……….but inside……..

You know who you innately are.

Your emotional side runs deep.

You feel the world through me.

You can’t deny it, you are a feeler.

Each millisecond you push me away

builds a volcano inside, rumbling

packing one emotion into another

flowing as dormant red lava

creating a mountainous entity.

You melt and break down inside.

You try to bury your pain.

You swallow your tears.

Denying a part of you so real.

You must listen to me deeply;

and never EVER negotiate your

core energetic base which is who

you are in the depth of your psyche.

Stay connected to me from within

You’ll never lose who you are my dear.

–by Maria Mocha © 2022


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