Would You?

What would you do

if your DNA was switched

to mine……

would you stand erect

as your grandmother is

laid beneath the ground?

Would you be a robot

if your sire sequentially

had one foot in dirt

and the other one above?

Would you chin up

if you couldn’t say goodbye

to your passion

you devoted years

to cultivating and

developing bonds

and it’s taken away

in a magical silence?

Are you really so cold?

Do you really have no heart?

Are you not in touch with

your inner world with

intense strong emotions

that you have nerve to

actually judge me?

Or are you afraid

to go there within

the recesses in your


confronting your fragility

buried inside your

molecular layered body?

Would you adore shaming

performed on you as

you subtly do to me

under the guise of

speaking down to me

because I should have

known and done better?

Or maybe it isn’t you

maybe it is the darkness

swirling inside my head

that you stir up

with your unwanted


Would you behave

so acutely better

if this scenic story

happened to you?

I think not…..

–by Maria Mocha © 2021

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