Eyes of Wonder

The human eyes are expressive.

They vocalize the true soul

And character of a human

In a way no voice can utter.

Sometimes I gaze into them

Feeling the depth of emptiness

In you; you are a mere shell

hollow and lacking life’s luster.

Sometimes at my first glance

I feel your maniacal insanity

Gradually scaring me to run away

from you after feeling your truth.

Sometimes as I stare at them

I sense your complex life story

With the energy you share out

To the world and to me directly.

Sometimes I am glued to them

As I perceive intense love and care

Glowing from within your soul

Outwards to my curious being.

Never underestimate the eyes

Pay close attention to them

They are a reflection of someone’s

Unabridged heart, mind and soul.

–by Maria Mocha © 2021

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