Moving On


My intuition knew five years ago,

What it took the world to see now.

In that fateful year, DT, a narcissist grew

To become a leader wreaking havoc

With no care or any empathy whatsoever

To ANY common or regular citizens.

I knew darkness, drama and chaos were

What we, the entire world was in for.

The careless, sick destruction unleashed

Overtook some participants into kalopsia,

Reinforcing lie after lie schemed to be the truth.


Healing is now on the cusp of happening.

New leadership has been inaugurated.

Though time will tell what actions result,

I wish and hope for a more peaceful place.

Too many regular lives have been ruined.

Over 400,000 people perished from covid-19.

It is time for a flow of empathetic energy

To encapsulate the fibers of society again.

Please breed love and understanding again.

This is my dream, my wish, my hope.

May peaceful energy permeate you all.

–by Maria Mocha © 2021

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