Courage to Be You

Standing grounded within me,

I act from a place of depth.

Courageously I move forward

Guided from the unison of

My mind, my heart, my body.

My physical appearance brings

A myriad of responses and gazes.

The world may look upon me

With many negative thoughts

However, I stay grounded in me.

I get back from the Universe

And heavenly supreme being,

What I put out into the world.

I exist from my own awareness

Of my inner and outer depth.

When you know who you are,

When you find your core being,

Walk in it and walk deeply in it.

Trust your intuition and logic.

Gracefully be yourself and be you.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020


  1. This is a beautiful and powerful message.
    I will keep resting it periodically to be reminded of this lesson.
    Your writing is also a teaching for others .
    Thank you.


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