This Body You Judge

Look at what my body can do.

This large, fat body you judge,

Carries large, beautiful hands

to pinch cheeks and pat backs.

This flabby stomach provides

A safe space of love and care

for developing and young minds

to rest their head and arms upon.

These large upper arms guide

caring fingers that teach children

to recognize words and read

clearly, joyfully and correctly.

These lower arms also emit

a mechanism of giving hugs

while transmitting pure love

and nurturing young souls

in need of stable influence.

This body is not thin.

This body is not toned.

This body is a human

filled with immense depth,

immersive wells of love and

desire to nurture and give

care to the world in my way.

My body is imperfectly perfect

despite the fact it is often

judged, ridiculed and shamed.

This body you judge is mine,

and one I will embrace and

fully love from the inside out.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020


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