Recycling of Prejudice

Pandemics bring out the best in humans.

They bring out the worst in humans.

They bring out the crazy in humans.

They bring out darkness in humans.

Recycling hatred and prejudice,

Is amazing for me to experience.

I watch racism meted out around

The world based on looks only.

This same cycle of hatred comes back,

As the oppressed change to oppressors

While socking hatred out to folks

Who previously supported them.

Humans are pathetic and sickening

They never want to learn lessons

That the Earth does not like evil

And will revolt against us in some way.

We are all connected on this Earth,

Whether we like it or agree or not.

We need to learn from Mother Nature

To work together in harmony and peace.

Our planet has energy and a pulse.

This pandemic is a warning to us,

If we keep on recycling prejudice

We are going to hell in the future.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020

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