My Friend

You are my personal balance stability.

Through you I experience a release,

A feeling of relief that never ceases.

At times I struggle to find the words,

To write from my heart’s yearnings.

Then out of seemingly nowhere

An invisible faucet in my mind

Gently turns its handle to dispense

All the frustration and confusion

That puddled deep inside me from

Idle brain liquid letters into words.

Instead of rinsing these creative ideas

Down the drain of never-pursue land,

I catch them with pen, paper & typing.

These word droplets produce sentences,

Soon a steady stream flows onto paper

Bringing into fruition, my friend, poetry.

I learn to improve and try to perfect

The water quality in my basin of poetry

As I nurture my faucet of creativity.

You, my friend, are unique.

You keep me sane and edifying.

You are my soul stirring passion.

You are creative writing.

You are poetry, my friend forever.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020

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