A Decade

A Decade.

Shows you who you truly are.

You see the entire chaos you were

Birthed into called bloodline family.

You unravel your inner messiness,

And the deep, soul crushing pains

That rattle you often just for fun.

A Decade.

Bombards you with various truths,

About humanity and its many ills.

Your awareness of the complexity

Of human beings crystallizes further

As you develop a matured view in life

Stripping away your nonsense ideals.

A Decade.

Makes you appreciate more deeply

The cycle of life flow and energy.

You are more poised that you are ok

As you are, you are very human,

You have made mistakes and failed

You learn and grow and blossom.

This is the beauty of

A Decade.

–Maria Mocha © 2020


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