Handsome Man

Inside your striking, lovely exterior,

I want to know what your mentality is.

How do you function as a human?

Does your soul contain the sludge

of misogyny, hatred and sexism?

Your hands are soft and smooth,

but will they hit if you are angry?

Does your brain control them

to know their proper position

if you should disagree with she?

Your eyes are sultry and warm,

as they stare directly into mine.

Will they laminate a cold stare

that elicits chills up the spine

if a mistake or mishap occurs?

Behind the various shirts you wear,

do they cover a heart full of malice,

laced with manipulative tendencies;

or do they mask a compassionate

spiritual, open minded human being?

Your voice is masculine and sexy.

So tell me honey, will your voice

raise its tone, spewing disrespect,

utilizing many expletives and insults

whenever times get rough and hard?

Your personality is cool and laidback.

Are you a goal oriented individual?

Are you strong but sensitive to others?

Can you stand up for what is right

and stand up for yourself as well?

You sing along beautifully and on key,

your complexion radiates a healthy glow.

Your smile brings sunshine to my life,

your cologne is captivating and lovely.

Tell me honey, do you take care of yourself?

Do you know how to treat humans?

Do you know how to treat a woman?

Do you treat women as human beings?

–by Maria Mocha © 2007

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