Mother Nature, I Love You

I am a child of Earth.

You move through me.

You speak to me.

I am a spiritual being

housed in a human body.

Mother nature, I feel you.

You warned me of this.

A disaster was coming,

a super contagious one.

I feared this happening.

My upper stomach ached,

bothered me for weeks.

A sense of foreboding,

fear, grief and sorrow

resided deep in my soul.

I had a feeling you would

teach us human beings

who is boss on Earth.

Humans have messed up

once again; for this,

I apologize to you.

I love you Mother Nature.

Please forgive us humans.

You are teaching lessons

I hope we all learn

And never forget again.

We need to respect you,

And respect ourselves more.

I hear you Mother Nature.

Your lessons are learned by me.

I will always love you,

sincerely, a child of Earth.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020


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