Truth About Humanity

Humans carry much baggage.

Always trying to pretend,

we are ok, we are strong.

We can do all things alone.

We are tough and unbreakable.

Meanwhile, in the dark crevice,

of our twisted mind and soul,

we do things we shouldn’t.

We are sometimes very sick,

with no methods of getting

Unsick. Better. Wiser. Cleaner.

We are dirty on the inside,

while presenting ourselves

as clean, pretty and dedicated

to the outside planet world.

Monsters don’t just roam

among us, they exist deep

within all of us, truthfully.

This is the area of humanity

nobody dares to talk or speak

of, except for maybe speaking

in a whisper or soft tone.

Acknowledge and deal with

your own monster inside you

however it presents itself within

your life and your psyche.

Don’t let your personal ogre

hurt, kill, rape and abuse

other humans and animals.

Until we acknowledge our

deep, inner sick demons

and find more healthy ways

as a culture, religion and society

to transform this sludge into

beacons of understanding,

respect, dignity, and love,

this planet, this Earth, our

humanity and all our beings,

will not be able to blossom

peacefully and smoothly.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020


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