Connection to Complexity

We are all a part of nature.

Fertilized by a man’s sperm,

we’re sprung from the womb

of a woman whose body

gives birth to all of humanity.

As a part of nature on Earth,

we will encounter and bond

with a plethora of humans

in some capacity and formality.

And, with connection to people

we ultimately end up connected

to all of their complexities,

whether we like it or not.

For better or for worse,

our links to human beings’

complexities and all the

things that come along

with this can make life





Navigating all of this

is like walking through

A never-ending maze.

So, please try your best

to traverse this journey

With perspicacity and grace,

a discerning mind & heart,

because whether we like

it or not, we are dependent

upon each other somehow

some way at some time.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020


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