No Other Words




Honey, I wish I could . . .

I want you to be . . .


Ho–, how can I tell you how much

I; I am, *sniff* in love with you

and have been for a very long time?


There, I said it. I said those words,

the forbidden ones, the serious ones.

I said it and I’m not ashamed at all

to admit my profound love for you.


If you could examine my psyche

With a laser pointer, even a flashlight,

Honey you’d be shocked and surprised

at how deep this affection runs inside me,

despite the nature of our circumstances.


Everybody is human, I know you are.

People have their own quirks, I do to.

You tolerate my attitudes and sarcasm,

I deal with your non-listening self and

we both choose to bear endure each other

even though we’re different and distant.


Honestly darling, what have you done?

You seep into my unconscious at times,

You got me writing poetry about you and

These are LOVE POEMS, yes LP my dear,

BUT, but I don’t dare share these with you.


What do I do with my devotion for you?

I tried to stop it, but the heart somehow

Takes over with these emotional feelings,

Just rest assured I’m not obsessed over you.


You cast an enchanting spell upon me honey,

and you haven’t the faintest clue you did this

to me. Would it frighten you away if you knew?


Honey, I wish I could tell you exactly how

I really love you, care for you, and adore you.




–by Maria Mocha © 2007

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