She is. . .

A human being,

Foremost and utmost

with elegance and grace.

She belly dances across the sky

existing and emanating a spirit

of mother Earth’s winds,


She testifies

As a survivor

Of what horrible monsters

do to hurt and destroy others.

She’s a survivor

She’s still HERE!

A beauty she is

Ella es mi inspiración.

She embodies the presence,

the talents, the skills

of a goddess, a QUEEN,

with a heart of sunshine

and modesty of Earth’s gifts.

She is my friend,

She . . . is

What she is

When she is

What she is.

She is a human.

She is HUMAN!

The shards of lava,

Hatred and anything undesirable

Propelled and encapsulated

Her soul, her body, her being.

However, she is powerful,

She is withstanding,

She. . . is.

–by Maria Mocha © 2006

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