Welcome to my Creative Writing World!

Thank you for visiting and taking time to read my creative work.

I have been writing creatively for over 20 years and I am passionate about it.

I love creative writing and it allows me a chance to express my feelings, thoughts, imagination and ideas about the world.

I write about all kinds of topics and subject matter.

I will share my various creative writing pieces with you.

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think about my pieces.

Please do not copy my pieces without giving me proper credit.

Thank you very much.


Maria Mocha

Keepsakes & Photos

My keepsakes, pieces that remind me of the things I have accomplished in life. I also value photos as well, precious photos of ancestors and new memories. I am a sentimental person and I have no shame about that. Maria Mocha

Protect Your Inner Peace

I think that in this day and age of all the influence from social media apps and platforms, it is imperative for everyone to protect their inner peace. Don’t let yourself fall prey to all the nonsense out there that exists to poison you and control. The world is crazy. People will lie on you.…

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This is a link to my book, Journey of a Sensitive Soul.


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