Tenderness of Tea

Slender light green leaves

floating at the top of my

boiled honey infused water

take me onto a unique trip

of saturated calm and peace

as if my feet are immersed

in sand particles on Erie Beach,

or my feet are constantly wet

by the incoming tan water

coming from the Yellow River.

Honey smooths the texture

of nature’s green goodness

as it travels down my throat

soothing and relaxing me

as if I am floating in the salty

foamy haven of Patong Beach.

Drinking a cup of nature is bliss.

It is spiritual to me

It is relaxing to me

It is calming to me.

It is imaginative to me.

I take a time travel back

in my memory of travel

while sitting calmly sipping

and being present in the

joy of my lovely teacup.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020

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