Understand the Guise

Look at the bigger picture.

You will see the cold truth,

Underneath the violence,

The dysfunction and chaos,

Your culture purposefully

plays you like a basketball

to keep you down in misery,




They don’t want you to see

Your own innate beauty,

Or realize your inherent worth.

You aren’t here on Earth

to fight battles which aren’t

yours to fight in the first place.

Open up your eyes and ears,

Close your heart and energy,

To all the energetic vampires.

Channel your energy into you,

Preserving your body and soul.

Stay grounded in seeing the light,

Understanding the façade going on

Waking up to all of this and

Caring for your energy and effort.

You are lovely and beautiful.

You are worthy of protection.

Don’t let ANYONE tell

You anything else otherwise.

–by Maria Mocha © 2020

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